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Do you serve our country? Prior service? Are you a family member of someone who's serving/has served? Freedom loving US Patriot?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you qualify.

When placing your order, you'll see a spot to enter a "Coupon Code". Here are your 2 choices:

  • SAVE $7.62 (off an order of $100 or more before shipping) - use promo code ROUND
  • SAVE $17.76 (off an order of $200 or more before shipping) - use promo code FREEDOM

A few disclaimers:

1. Promo codes can't be combined with other offers

2. If you forget to use the promo code, our corporate big wigs wanted us to come up with some mamby pamby feel good explanation about how we were sorry for your inconvenience. But instead we're going to tell you to suck it up buttercup. Life isn't all cupcakes and sprinkles. Now drop and do some pushups until we're tired.
Maybe a little attention to detail will help you remember to use the promo code next time.

3. Unlike many companies, Military Luggage Company does not try to trick our customers by raising our regular price and then offering a so called "big discount". Offering a product that should sell for $25, pricing it at $60 and then "marking it down 50%" is manipulating gullible people and we won't participate in it. We prefer to charge a fair price for high quality products. The promo codes above are real and honest discounts we are happy to offer if you spend $100 or $200 of your hard earned money with us.

4. The promo codes are just icing on the cake. There's a lot of other great reasons to buy from us. If you purchase from us, you get a durable and dependable product. Every product has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty against manufacturer defects. We've got your six and stand behind every sale.

5. Promo codes are subject to change. They might be gone tomorrow. Place your order today!

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