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Why we currently don't sell any NWU items

Military Luggage Company prides itself on offering all branches of the Military the largest selection of bags, packs and cases in every color they need for field operations, travel and casual use. It may seem puzzling then as to why we do not currently offer any NWU items.

From what we understand, current Navy regulations only allow NWU backpacks & bags to be sold in Navy Exchanges. This is common when a new pattern is adopted and is actually a very good practice as it guarantees members of our Military that they are not purchasing knock-offs. After some period of time when the backend work has been done to insure that all legitimate manufacturers of the fabric are all producing Mil-Spec material, then commercial vendors like us are allowed to sell items in that pattern.

We do see NWU products being offered on certain sites but our company wants to respect the wishes of our Military. If the Navy says commercial vendors shouldn't sell it, we won't. Period. We won't try to get around their wishes. Our company has retired military on staff and we understand that when an item or pattern is restricted, there is always a very good reason behind it.

If you are looking for a NWU bugout bag, NWU 3 day pack, NWU duffle bag, NWU deployment bag, NWU hydration pack, NWU armband, NWU neck & ID holder, NWU Kit Bag, NWU helmet Bag, NWU toiletry bag, NWU garment bag, any NWU bags, any NWU backpacks, and any NWU cases the only place we recommend shopping for these items is the Navy Exchange.
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